Because of the demand of this event make sure you get in before you blink because it will be sells quickly!

All World Sports’ “Coors Light 48hr Boneyard Blast” is among the largest softball tournaments known to mankind.  You will play at any hour.  You will lose sleep, your voice, your mind and you probably won’t survive.

Boneyard is home to the Nation’s largest Homerun Derby, Team Homerun Derby and only Hitting Accuracy Contest.   A massive kickoff bracket reveal, live music, DJs, Giant Beer Pong, Pimp My Bat, fastest beer, Fowling, a mess of random contests, dancing, beads and streaking?  Hey, it’s happened.  Let’s just say this is softball’s largest party and the greatest softball event on the planet, all in the heart of a city that doesn’t rest.  On top of all of that . . . you won’t believe the size of our unmatched prize lot!  We have so much stuff we don’t even know how to hand it all out.  It’s random . . . and ALL weekend long. Boneyard XII will feature an ever more diverse tiered prize packages for each division.

More than 150 teams will experience Boneyard across 3 different complexes, including the Nation’s largest and top-rated field turf complex, Golden Eagle Regional Park.  The City of Reno Sports Complex and Shadow Mountain grass facilities are newly renovated and in pristine condition.  Before Boneyard XII, the City of Reno Sports complex will install a completely renovated infield playing surface with new clay and dirt.  Men’s and Coed play into three divisions, Gold, Silver and Bronze, with MVPs, and Gold Gloves. All Tourneys and Final Four is awarded in each.  The rules change in each division, so pay attention!  Almost everyone makes it to Sunday.

All Night Tourney.  All Night Everything.  Just Don’t forget to play softball.


For the FIRST TIME EVER!! . . . a 2nd complex has become available for Dublin Dirty 2018! We are now accepting 32 MORE TEAMS (16 men’s and 16 coed). This will be the largest Dublin Dirty yet! The 30 teams on the waiting list will get first shot. We will personally touch base with each team on that list with a confirmation and deposit deadline of January 12th at Noon. After that deadline, we will open it up to new teams on

How will it work?

All teams that were already guaranteed a spot in this year’s Dublin Dirty (w/paid deposit) are guaranteed to start at Golden Eagle Park. The additional 32 teams will start the tournament at Shadow Mountain. Teams at Golden Eagle Park may lose their way into the “Clover” bracket which will be played at Shadow Mountain late Saturday and throughout the day on Sunday. Teams who start at Shadow Mountain and who win enough games . . . will be moved to the “Pot of Gold” bracket at Golden Eagle Park late Saturday and into Sunday. If a spot opens up before the tournament in the Golden Eagle bracket we will move teams from Shadow Mountain bracket to Golden Eagle based upon the original wait list order.

Inclement weather

Typically the weather is great over Saint Patricks Day weekend, but you never know. Golden Eagle Park is an all field turf complex, Shadow Mountain is a dirt complex. We will not allow the dirt complex to effect the Golden Eagle brackets or the teams who are already registered. Golden Eagle Park games will take place almost under any weather circumstances. In the unlikely event that the weather forecast looks like it may affect the dirt fields (Shadow Mountain), we will cancel that bracket, refund all 32 teams starting at that complex, and will continue with the original field/tournament at Gold Eagle Regional Park. Again, in the unlikely event that weather potentially cancels the Shadow Mountain bracket, we will do our best to make the cancellation notice by Wednesday, March 14th at 5pm at the latest.

The Atmosphere

Saint Patrick's Day falls on a Saturday and we are holding nothing back!! The Atmosphere, the Irishness and the rules will be the same at both complexes. Just because the new teams will start out at Shadow Mountain doesn’t mean they will miss out on what makes Dublin Dirty what it is. Get in now because before you blink . . . these 32 spots will be gone!
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It’s going to be booming in 2018
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Holy S<#T! "It's Finally Coming"
The Creators of Dirty Dublin, Midnight Madness, BONEYARD and Las Vegas Worlds Proudly Present our next MEGA Tournament. August 25/26 in Northern NV
SAVE THE DATE! - Details and info coming at ya in January @ (For Now It's a Mystery)
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On Deck - Don’t get shut out ... See MoreSee Less

2018 BONEYARD @ MIDNIGHT MADNESS Info now posted and time to start entering Bringing The Funk This May - Don’t Miss It / The *ULTIMATE* All Nighter

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Here is the current waitlist in order for 2018 Dublin Dirty as of this morning at 9:30am. We will update as often as we can. Teams will be released in order as spots become available. Any questions please let us know. Thank you!

# Division Team Name
1 Coed Los Cubbies/ICP
2 Coed Just Getten Started
3 Coed Shenanigans
4 Coed Still Malo
5 Coed Racks and sacks
6 Coed Booom
7 Coed Redding's Fresh Look Barbershopp
8 Coed #NSW
9 Coed Fireballers
10 Coed Still smokin
11 Coed Nice Snatch
12 Coed Up in Your Gaps
13 Coed Why So Serious?
14 Coed Chiloquin mixed breed
15 Coed BPO

1 Men's Regulators
2 Men's DTP
3 Men's Taco Mafia
4 Men's AGAME
5 Men's Ugly rumors
6 Men's Los Muertos
7 Men's | Coed HardKnocks
8 Men's DTA
9 Men's All Day
11 Men' s NFG
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Since the Dublin Dirty registration Launch yesterday afternoon, we are steady at 60% sold out! Get in ASAP! ... See MoreSee Less

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Yup, a little early this year! Happy Holidays! This event will sell out very quickly. Only the first 70 teams get in. Each year we turn away more than 50 teams. Now is the time! Hop on the Dublin Dirty website and get your team in ASAP - (

It’s Saint Patty’s and we believe it’s the greatest day of the year. The atmosphere makes this one of the great softball events you’ll ever play in. You’ll just have to play to see. Look, it’s Saint Patty’s day, let’s party. Golden Eagle Park in Sparks, Nevada is where you want to be. If you don't know by now, this tournament has ridiculous rules. Will you get lucky?

NEW! Tournament Format

Still a 3 game guarantee! However, we don't want you going anywhere. All teams start in the "Pot of Gold" division. Teams that lose their first two games will have a "play-in" game to make a single elimination "Clover" division.

NEW! Player Matrix

(one of the following scenarios)
Men's teams rosters rankings based the following point system:
Can have 4 points max!
E or below = 0 points
D or D+ = 1 point each
C = 2 points each
NO B or higher players

(one of the following scenarios)
Coed teams rosters rankings based the following point system:
Can have 3 points max!
Women Players = 0 points
E or below = 0 points
D or D+ = 1 point each
C = 2 points each
NO B or higher male players
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March 16-18, 2018

Seriously March 17th falls on a Saturday! 
It’s Saint Patty’s and we believe it’s the greatest day of the year. The rules and atmosphere makes this one of the great softball events you’ll ever play in. You’ll just have to play to find out why. Look, it’s Saint Patty’s day, let’s party.  2018 sold out in less than 48 hours and has opened up a second complex and will feature 101 teams.

Dublin Dirty has an obscene number of giveaways and prizes including bats, bags, equipment, and more.. oh and of green green!
Costume up, don’t get pinched. If you don’t it, by rule, it could effect your team.


Is your luck good or bad, because it will effect your team.  This is Irish softball.  The rules are random, dramatic and could determine your outcome.  You will be referencing them for the rest of your playing days..  Signature Dublin rules include, “The Luck of the Irish”, “The Irish Inning”, “The Brutal Rule”, “The Mulligan”, “The Brasser Flip” , the giant Arseway wheel and of course that is just the beginning.  Visit for all the info. 


May 25 – 28, 2019

All World’s Midnight Madness paved the way for the monster that is Boneyard.  All the benefits of Boneyard except on major addition, camping!  It is Madness. 118 teams set up camp for 60 straight hours of non-stop softball in the heart of Carson City, Nevada at Centennial Park.  All teams in one location, all weekend long for one of the most epic camping experiences you’ll ever have. This annual sell out features one of softball’s largest homerun derby’s, huge crowds, dance contests, beer slamming contests, 3 point shoot-outs, huge random raffle giveaways and a prize lot that is the largest in all of softball.

Get in now before you can’t.  Visit to register and for more info.

8985 Double Diamond Pky #B4, Reno, NV, 89521
748 S. Meadows Pky. Ste #A9, Reno, NV, 89521